Monthly Archives: December 2005

Happy Endings (2005)

That Don Roos is a pretty hot guy, but as a film director, I’m not sure I’m quite sophisticated enough to get his storytelling.

Happy Endings is one of those multi-plot films with characters separated by only a few degrees from each other. Everybody just about knows everybody else, and in the end, their lives intertwine in unexpected ways.

But to get to the Happy Endings promised in the title, they have to go through a few hurdles.

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Pride and Prejudice (2005)

I read Pride and Prejudice for a core requirement literature class back in college, and I really liked the story.

My sisters read this novel over and over again, and after that class, I understood its appeal.

(In fact, I was cleaning out my bookcase on Christmas Eve and realized I had Wuthering Heights but not Pride and Prejudice.)

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