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Steamboy (2005)

That Ootomo Katsuhiro, man — he likes to blow shit up.

Perhaps part of the awe of Ootomo’s films is the level of detail he puts in them. And no where is that demonstrated more fully than when everything blows up.

In one of the final scenes of Ootomo’s landmark anime film, Akira, a pipe billowing with steam breaks away from a gargantuan structure bellowing up from Neo-Tokyo’s underground. Viewers don’t really think about how big the pipe is until it crushes a large truck.

That sense of scale drives the last hour of Steamboy.

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Yossi and Jagger [Yossi ve Jager] (2004)

I originally saw Yossi and Jagger at aGLIFF in 2003 and rented it a while back before I started writing movie reviews in the old glob. I rented it again with the intention of writing about it here.

Yossi and Jagger was produced for Israeli television but screened in theaters. It won two awards from the Israeli Television Academy. The 65-minute film went on to screen at numerous festivals internationally, where it picked up more awards along the way.

The story follows the various love triangles formed at a snowy outpost in Israel.

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Testosterone (2004)

When I first saw David Sutcliffe play Christopher Hayden (Rory’s dad) on Gilmore Girls, I thought he’d be convincing in a gay role.

Not long after I arrived at that conclusion, I learned he was shooting Testosterone in Argentina with Antonio Sabato, Jr.

Huh. Antonio Sabato, Jr. and David Sutcliffe. Two pretty hot guys. In a gay-themed movie. Sweet.

But sometimes the whole is less than the sum of its parts.

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Heights (2005)

The Advocate gave James Marsden the cover of its May 24, 2005 issue and fawned over his on-screen kiss with Jesse Bradford.

Me? I went to see Heights because Jesse Bradford has an on-screen kiss with another man, period. Hell, I put up with the fifth season of The West Wing to watch Jesse Bradford.

I am not Jesse Bradford’s bitch — because you can’t pay me enough to see Swimfan — but put him in close proximity of a plot with gay themes, and I will watch it.

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