Monthly Archives: October 2005

Serenity (2005)

I started watching Angel because I really liked looking at David Boreanaz. I stuck around till the series finale because I grew to admire Joss Whedon’s writing.

I didn’t, however, catch Firefly when it first broadcast because it was on Fox, and Fox is nowhere near the orbit of my channel surfing. If Firefly had followed, say, Gilmore Girls, I probably would have watched it.

And instinctively, I didn’t really think a Joss Whedon sci-fi story was cut out for TV. Just the pitch alone sounded something better for film. So I promised to watch Serenity when it opened in theaters. It was a smart choice.

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Wilby Wonderful (2004)

I was up in the projection room, working a tech shift at aGLIFF while this film was running. The projection room isn’t exactly the best place to watch a movie, but I was able to catch the last half of it in the theater itself.

The pun in the title should give an indication about this film’s story. (Will be wonderful? Get it?)

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Loggerheads (2005)

At the end of the Wednesday night screening of Loggerheads at aGLIFF, nobody applauded. I think everyone was too bummed out to do so.

Loggerheads is one of those slow-moving films where everyone is miserable throughout.

Tess Harper plays Elizabeth, the wife of a preacher named Robert (Chris Sarandon), who worries about how her runaway son is doing. Bonnie Hunt is Grace, a woman wondering what happened to the baby she gave up when she was a teenager. Then there’s Mark, a drifter with a fascination for loggerhead turtles, who shows up at the beach where gay widower George owns a motel.

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Summer Storm [Sommersturm] (2004)

I could, and do, relate to Sommersturm.

The plotline is a familiar story to anyone who’s developed feelings for someone who can’t return them, at a time when such feelings are supposed to be directed elsewhere.

Teenagers Tobi (Robert Stadlober) and Achim (Kostja Ullmann) are best friends and members of a rowing team. As they train at a summer camp for a competition, Achim grows closer to his girlfriend Sandra (Miriam Morgenstern), which forces Tobi to contend with his feelings for Achim.

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